Texas Sonar Project

In Fall 2017, I taught for the first time a course on Performance & Technology. Since I had a small class, I decided it would be a good idea to move away from formal exams and try to try instead come up with some project that could bring together Texas A&M and the broader Brazos Valley community. I decided to ask students to create a short 15-minute radio story. They were free to choose the topic, as long as it related to Texas.The topics they discuss will range from coffee shops to natural disasters, from our music scene to political involvement, from pop culture to sports.

I hope this series can stimulate new collaborations between A&M faculty and students and other members of the Brazos Valley community.

KEOS 89.1 FM will air the radio series I’m curating every Thursday 4:30 pm, between February 8 and May 17.
The series has 15 episodes. All content created and edited by my Performance & Technology students.

You can listen to the previous episodes here.

tsp spring 2018 poster.001

PS: As you can tell, I’m not very creative with project titles…


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